Ritchie JFT

Ritchie JFT

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Boasting nearly 11 years’ experience in live music events, Richard has performed at a variety of venues, from corporate events, special occasions, weddings, and a TV studio.

My passion for music and performing came from the early age of 7, when I joined a local theatre company, and I saw my first live band, the theatre pit band. I was amazed by the look, sound of the drum kit and what the drummer was doing in the group. At that point I knew I wanted to perform/ play the drums. Later on I attended a performing arts school called Stagecoach. My influence in music also heavily came from my father who being a music lover, would play great records from many genres of music. He also was and still is a great guitar player and I would watch him play along to these albums. This spurred me to eventually convince my parents to get me a drum kit. A little electric Yamaha Kit where I would jam with my father along with his albums and learned to develop improvisational skills through just doing impromptu jams in a variety of musical styles together. Eventually I had my first actual acoustic drum kit, a red Premier Olympic Kit at the age of 14. I started to perform with other great local musicians and performed in originals and cover groups.

Later on I took drum lessons from a local drum teacher, as I wanted to develop my technique more and learn to sight read music. His lessons really helped me to advance as a drummer, ever since I have performed professionally in a variety of different musical styles including Pop, Swing, Rock, Prog Rock, R'n'B, Blues and Jazz. I have performed for hired functions such as weddings and birthdays, themed days, and festivals. Some of the events I have been hired to perform at include the Cardiff City's 2016 and 2017 Half Marathons in Cardiff Bay and a Lincolnshire's World War 2 themed historic festival.

A few functions I have performed in have been through a band I created in 2016 called The Royal Valentines and still manage to this day. The group has performed at a variety of private functions such as New Year's Eve party's at five star hotels/restaurants and many weddings/ anniversaries. We also perform at many Haven Holiday Parks around the UK. Recently the band has performed at a Post Burns Supper Function at the Reme Museum Prince Philip Barracks and a Cooperate Event, Business Awards at Rodney Parade Stadium Newport City. A real highlight for my band was being featured to perform on a local television channel called Made in Cardiff TV, where our performance was played on their prime-time show. The production company enjoyed our music so much that we were asked to perform on another program showing!

My studies include a degree in Performing Arts and I have completed acting examinations up to Grade 8 at the London Academy of Music and Drama, also Trinity Guildhall Percussion examinations. My skills in drumming and percussion work include the ability to sight read and improvise at an advanced level.

I use my different experiences of acting on stage when I perform behind the drum kit. Technique is important to me, but also more importantly being able to entertain even behind the drum kit!

My DC California Drum Setup: 

All Natural Finish.
22" Bass Drum
10", 12",15" Toms
14" Snare


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