Jim Marchuk

Jim Marchuk


I have been blessed by God to be playing since I was 9 years old. My first drumset was in our living room and when I practiced, everything went off, and my family listened. So needless to say, I owe a lot to my parents, family, friends and now my Wife. I have had the opportunity to study under local greats such as Mack Pittard and Bill Schaffer. And I even have had lessons with Drumming legend Joe Morello.

I am now honored to represent DC California Custom Drums exclusively, as I play both Christian and Country Music. I am currently Independent but have played on Sonny Thurnall’s released single, "If it Ain't Country", on Country radio stations worldwide and iTunes, Google, Amazon, etc. Also, I have had the chance to play with the TNT House Band for Lebanon Grand Opry, RM/S, Exit 113 Band, Reflect the Son, Rhythm of Grace, Michelle Leak Band, The No Fences Band and Columbus Symphony Orchestra. I also play independently in numerous Praise Bands as both a regular member and fill-in for local Churches and benefits, and fill-in with local Country Acts.

I currently am playing a 5 pc Custom Mahogany set, specially made for the 2018 Sonny Thurnall: Hell to Pay Tour. The Bubinga side snare was custom made with Re-rings and black thorn graphic so that each time I play it, I remember the sacrifice God made so that I could enjoy and share my passion for music.

Finally, Iki Levy, Tomer Rom and Laura Sebastiani treat me like family! Thank you.

My DC California Drum Setup: 

High Gloss Lacquer White Sparkle Mahogany shells
Kick - 22" x 19"
Toms - 13” x 8", 14" x 13", 16" x 13"
Snare - Hammered Brass W/Cast Rims, 14" x 5”

Natural High Gloss finish Custom Graphic Birch shells
Kick - 20" x 20"
Toms - 10" x 6", 12" x 7", 13" x 8", 14" x 13", 16" x 13"
Snare - 13" x 8"