Jim Marchuk

Jim Marchuk

Sonny Thurnall

I have been blessed by God to be playing since I was 9 years old. My first drumset was in our living room and when I practiced, everything went off, and my family listened. So needless to say, I owe a lot to my parents, family, friends and now my Wife. I have had the opportunity to study under local greats such as Mack Pittard and Bill Schaffer. And I even have had one lesson with Drumming legend Joe Morello.

I am now honored to represent DC California Custom Drums exclusively, as I play both Christian and Country Music. I am currently playing with up and coming Nashville Recording Artist Sonny Thurnall with our first released single, "If it Ain't Country", on Country radio stations worldwide and iTunes, Google, Amazon, etc. Also, I have had the chance to play with the TNT House Band for Lebanon Grand Opry, RM/S, Exit 113 Band, Reflect the Son, Rhythm of Grace, Michelle Leak Band, The No Fences Band and Columbus Symphony Orchestra. I also play independently in numerous Praise Bands as both a regular member and fill-in for local Churches and benefits, and fill-in with local Country Acts.

I currently am playing a 7-pc Maple set, with awesome black to red candy fade metallic. The cool thing about this kit, is that it was made specially for the 2015 NAMM show....and I am honored to have it now! The Bubinga snare was custom made with Re-rings and black thorn graphic so that each time I play it, I remember the sacrifice God made so that I could enjoy and share my passion for music.

Finally, Iki Levy, Tomer Rom and Laura Sebastiani treat me like family! Thank you.

My DC California Drum Setup: 

Black fade to Candy Red Sparkle Maple shells
Kick - 22" x 19"
Toms - 8" x 5.5", 10" x 6", 12" x 7", 14" x 13", 16" x 13"
Snare - Steam Bent Bubinga, 14" x 7" Natural finish

Natural High Gloss finish Custom Graphic Birch shells
Kick - 20" x 20"
Toms - 10" x 6", 12" x 7", 13" x 8", 14" x 13", 16" x 13"
Snare - 13" x 8"